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Make sure to provide honest and genuine feedback to Burger King to help the food-chain improve services for its customers. Review Bk Survey Terms and conditions before starting the survey.

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  • Visit the Official MybkExperience website
  • Enter The Restaurant Number, Survey Code and enter date/time of visit.
  • Accept the terms and start the survey.
  • Answer all questions honestly to make your feedback valuable for Burger King.
  • Complete the survey to get the coupon code for FREE Whopper or the original chicken sandwich.
  • Write down the coed on the back of the receipt to avail of free stuff from burger king on your next visit.
  • You also enter the monthly draw for $1000 cash rewards from burger king so keep the coupon code safe with you.
  • So let’s get started!

Mybkexperience survey is carried out every month, and Burger King actually gets a billion entries for the survey. Even if you don’t win the game, don’t lose your hope! Try it again next month, and who knows you might get lucky for real!

The sweepstakes are carried out every month and thousands of people participate in $1000 sweepstakes. So do not worry if you didn’t win, you always enter next month. That too for free. Remember as many entries you do, the greater is the chance of winning the prize. Even if you don’t, you still will be getting free food at burger king. 😉

Every month, one lucky winner will be announced through a fair lucky draw. The reward will be given to the winner in the form of a cheque in the name of the winner so it is necessary for the winner to be a legal resident of the United States.

If you still have any queries regarding the survey, feel free to leave a comment below!

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30 Responses

  1. I received the 5 for $4. Doesnt look like the photo in the window ( a lot smaller). The Sutherlin BK looks like it needs a.remadel. Nothing on the walls not very brand.

  2. I was not satisfied. I Ordered 2 crispy chicken sandwiches for 2/6$ deal. They put on screen and receipt crispy. Then put two spicy (marked spicy) in bag. I couldn’t exchange cause was already back on highway and next exit down was 10 min. So I went to next exit and got two more at that exit and figured I give other two to my neighbor. I had to pull up and wait 10 min exactly and my sandwiches was cold. I guess I wasn’t suppose to get a good sandwich. On first order I had onion rings and fries that ended up getting cold.
    Not a very happy customer. I’m raising my 4 granddaughters and didn’t need to be waisting money like that.

  3. This bk restaurant is the best around. It’s always clean, the workers are always polite and friendly, the food is always hot and made perfect. This is the only bk we’ll go to.

  4. 8 tell her to the click Start then there is no as quick start at the bottom of the page gives your damn run around

  5. The lady cashier was not friendly and kept me waiting to take my order. While ordering, she was inpatient. Coffee I ordered with the whopper was cold

  6. I have gone to this location several times , 1 block from home.
    Always good. Except today. My fish sandwich was left from yesterday. It was awful. Threw it in trash…

  7. On March 24, at approximately 10:30am Jordan (manager/worker) at one of the stores here in Wyoming was very polite, understanding, helpful and patient with me. I appreciate that she was that way, you don’t see that in a lot of places anymore.

  8. I was excited to see a new Burger King close to my job. The new location on port st luice Blvd in port st luice Florida. I was disgusted with my customer service Carmen was very rude and after placing my order while waiting she was speaking Spanish as if she was inconvenienced by the customer asking for the large sweet tea for 1.00. I am a native of st luice county and I will never go to this location again.

  9. The worst Burger King I ever been to they act like the couldn’t get my order right i ordered a impossible whopper and a spicy chicken sandwich i asked for the 2 for 6 deal the young woman told me they don’t have a 2 for 6 we only have 2 for 5
    I still want what I order than she got mad and charged me extra. I’ll never come to that store again

    Thomson Georgia # 5907

  10. Got the 2 whoppers for $5 yesterday. Very pleased – one big enough for a whole meal. Great deal. Excellent service. Got a small fry as well. Requested hot fries which i in fact did receive.

  11. I live in Guntersville AL went through the drive thru to be greeted by a man that was rude and sharp speaking. I was also given old fry’s and raw hamburger meat! This has happened d several times!! Terrable service and food

  12. Buying a burger should automatically come with cheese. Paying 65 cents for 1 slice of cheese is a shame! $1.30 for 2 sandwiches and the sandwich was 2 for $5. The sign should say 2 for $7. Such a waste. Should’ve went somewhere that has the cheese included.

  13. Not happy with Burger king at this visit, no numbers on my order ticket to put on the survey, only store number 6349. I also bought the coupon booklet and asked when I payed if they put it in the bag and she told me yes, when I got home, Nothing, no coupon book, I liked Burger King, but with any more mistakes, I will find another place to eat

  14. Was very disappointed to see all but 1 employee with the mask only covering their mouths NOT THEIR NOSES! Will NOT go there again during this virus!

  15. I will not be doing business with Burger King again. I used to go at least once or twice a week. Employee was nice but I will not do business where employees wear BLM face coverings. It is not a racist thing. ALL LIVES MATTER. COLOR IS NOT A FACTOR. Keep your free sandwich. I will be sharing with everyone I know that you support this. It has not helped anyone just caused more division.

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